Sunday, January 4, 2009

This blog has MOOOOVED!

I won't be posting over here until further notice. I've moved these posts to my new blog, the variety show of my life- Knee Deep In.
Hope you'll pop in once in awhile (everyday) and motivate me to get it groovin'!
Leave a comment, sing a song or just wave me good vibes there. Ciao-

Monday, September 1, 2008

Apologies to the Air and Something New is Coming

I am awfully sorry for the long interludes between posts, but I've gotten a bit spread thin these days. In an attempt to remedy this situation I am pulling all my blogs and articles that I contribute to other blogs into one spot but separate pages! Thanks to Miracle Worker Marr at 13 Pumpkins I should have a gob-smakkin' new WordPress (shhhh, don't tell Blogger, they just don't have the flexibility I'd like!) blog in the next week or so. I've got too many things juggling around up in the air right now and though I love all the cool stuff one can do creating a website/blog, I just admit, I don't have time for learning that right now. We've got a new year of schooling to start and since Spartacus is now officially 9th grade, we be homeschooling a high schooler! YIKES! So with four "at the table" and one somewhere under the laundry pile, I still have high hopes of keeping the stores up and getting opportunity to tickle your eyeballs once in awhile on the information highway. I hope to have a place for Homeschool, Garden, Spiritual Journey, and Barnyard Mucking Around to come together and maybe sing or dance or hey! give things away! Yes, there's plans up these sleeves, Ladies and Gents!
I'll send a great big invite to all those of you who just sit on the edge of your cliffs waiting for me to put word to blogspace! OK, so I'll be sending this out to like, my mom, my sister, maybe my aunts and cousins and a few best buds who WISH they'd never have sat next to me all those years ago at the Church "Get to Know Each Other" fellowship dinner.
So hang tight and I pinkie swear ya, I'll get back to you real soon.
Her long hairedness- Sonya

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're Taking a Snow Day

OK, its so hot. I was trying to upload some little family update videos of Z and saw this video I did last winter. What a day that was!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Where the Heck is Matt? (2008)

QUICK! Pause the PLAYLIST at the right-- yeah THAT right! Mom, see the upper left corner with two vertical bars? That's the pause button!

Now, click the triangle in the middle of the video.

I altered the title to a different word but this is the best video I've seen in a long time. I'm talking goose bumps on the goose bumps! I WISH I could be dancing right there with the guy!

Mmm, good vibes, good vibes, man...

Friday, May 30, 2008

CONTEST! IndieHomeSchoolMoms Group Icon Image!

Whose Got THE LOOK for Indie Homeschool Moms on IndiePublic??

Its been awhile since we've been active, yeah, I know LIFE is busy. So I thought to spark a little activity I'd host a GiVe-AwAy contest for our IndiePublic group image!~
The winner will win one of my Fridge Friend Magnets of their choice (anyone else who feels so generous can donate to the cause too!) If you aren't familiar with these heart stealing critters, you can see them here: MY ETSY STORE!
It's not difficult, just submit your "G" rated images, photos, drawings whatever that you think best represents us as a group of indiecrafters. Submissions should be sent to: . I can then post them over here and we'll take a poll for the winner (Blogger has a polling widget, I haven't found one at IP yet.)
You'll have till Friday, June 6 midnite to submit. Once the submissions are all posted here, I'll run a poll for the week, we'll vote on the submissions then on Fri June 13, I'll announce the winner here, on IndiePublic and through our group messages.
Now put on those thinking caps and plug 'em in!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Goosey Goosey Gander- In Memory of Tristan

My heart breaks this morning for a beautiful goose named Tristan. He and his paramour, Isolde, lived fairly peacefully on our little farm pond. We've watched them for the past year and a half and taken some beautiful photos.

Yesterday, from their treetop perch, my daughters saw a mess of white feathers by the pond. They scampered down and ran with breakneck speed only to find beloved Tristan murdered. My 5 yos came to me in the house hotly angry to relay their findings. I went to see for myself. Tristan was a large and yet fast goose when it came to his flight response in cases of attack. How could he have not escaped!?
Sure enough, there was the poor beast, looking like a museum stuffed display that had seen better years. He was not bloody, but mangled. Definitely a dog kill, a just for the fun, run at anything that flutters kill. We lost a rooster a couple of weeks ago to another one of the neighbor's stray rescues. Now, beautiful Tristan.
I found Isolde painfully hiding in the shrubbery on the other side of the pond. Nearby her own feathers were scattered from her attack, a miraculous escape. She was the more timid and fragile of the two. Definitely dogs packing up, they must have been pumped up and eager to go at her as well. The dog tracks around that side of the pond revealed my suspicions. Isolde would not let me near her. I wanted to help as her tail and back were covered in flies, a telltale sign of some collection of wounds under the ragged and ripped feathers. She survived, but for what? To live lonely and vulnerable to the next seige??
I wanted to sell the farm, I wanted suburbia and laws and covenants. I wanted the promise of the farms you read about in sweet blogs with lovely photos. I wanted to wretch.
I returned to the house, to my utility room where I am raising the three offspring I incubated from Tristan and Isolde this spring. Isolde has lost two nests to the neighborhood dogs so I thought the only chance she would have was my intervention. Turns out I was right. The lovelies were hatched only two weeks ago and they have captured my heart more than any of the dozens of chicks I have hatched over the years, and I assure you, I have loved them as well.

Now, just WHAT am I to do? Well, for one. The violence on the farm is not over unless I am proactive. Deposit will be made at the Humane Society for borrowing a dog sized trap. I can not enjoy my farm, my animals can not live in peace on my farm as long as this is going on and dog owners think it is "just one of those things that happen on a farm. Dogs and birds don't go together."
Yes, well, neither do dogs and bullets.

I hope we can secure the property's peace again so our lovelies will be safe again and then we can continue to watch them thrive. The pond is only an ugly mudpuddle without their graceful movement upon it.
So said I my peace.
UPDATE: Isolde would not let me collect her and shelter her and on the following morning she was found to have had the same demise. We'll miss them.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Twinkly Things in Sight...

Being a hat person, I like to give applaud to crafters/artists who come up with unusual and functional hats! I happened upon the nifty little store of Twinklythings,by way of our EtsyBloggers Team and my attraction to her cute avatar. Great great store, great blog, great products, its that simple. LOVE the
twinkle Girls Medium Japanese Floral Bucket Hat !

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This Taggin' Business...

It appears I have been tagged and instructed by The McCain, his very self:
McCain's Corner.

I am to answer five questions passed down to him and thus further the cause by passing on my answers to a lucky lot.

What I was doing ten years ago:
Toting upon my hip a 6 month old, my first female child and quite the stout one at that!
Raising my first batch of chicks ordered through McMurray Hatchery.
Overhauling one of the first versions of my home educating approach by taking on The Well Trained Mind

Five things on my to do list today:
1) reapply ointment and poultice to my poor donk's rubbed raw legs
2) work on finishing the chicken runs and coop
3) figure out more dreamweaver tutorials for the sites and create the darn things
4) load guns to have at ready for next siege of marauding dogs
5) install Edu-Track software to help with upcoming transcripts and other rabbit warrens home schooling through high school will bring

Things I would do If I were a billionaire:
1)build a house to my husband's and my liking at our original farm
2)contact my husband's employment and tell them just how much I am going to enjoy having my husband home from now on while he manages all that money and piddles in the office/lab/herbarium I will build for him since they couldn't.
3)pay off my sister's mortgage
4)pay for a home health nurse 24/7 that can help my sister in law with my mother in law
5)buy some slightly newer cars for husband, self and son when he gets a license (newer being anything more recent than 1995)

Three of my bad habits:
4)Not spend enough time in God's word
5)Not checking the fluids in the vehicles anymore

Five Places I've lived:
1)in a silver trailer with my parents in Crystal River, FL
2)in a duplex with my parents in South Padre Island, TX
3)in a dorm in Austin, TX
4)in a faculty house, a regular house and now a farm house with my family near Oxford, MS

Five Jobs I've Had:
1)Selling tee shirts to tourists (blech)
2)Selling condos to tourists (blech blech)
3)Clerk in Snap Autoparts turning rotors (yeah, that's right...)
4)Research Assistant in cactus research and insecticidal plant research
5)Owner/Operator/Contributor of three endeavors: PlayVentura Creations, (under construction)
and blogging (Club de Español Nueva Asturias, The Brown Bull, PlayVentura Creations )

Five books I've recently read:
Oh, gee, does Internet research count??? Novels and I have a hard time meaning due to time constraints...
1)Pioneer and Photoshop
2)The PhotoShop CS book by Scott Kelby
3)My Cave Life in Vicksburg by A Lady
4)THE Declaration of Independence
5)THE Declaration of Independence

Five people I am going to tag:
Fingolfin's Herald
Green Bean Boutique
Carpe You Some Diem!
I don't know any others well enough to tag! How sad. Will have to get back and edit this.
Now I am off to figure out how to tag someone and get to that TO DO list. Been real. S.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Interludes are great, but...its finally warm again!

I know, it's been awhile. I am juggling priorities right now. The home school front has been in need of more direct attention lately and I've had a flush of local sewing jobs to boot. I've been well at the photography, just not enough time it seems to write some words to go with.
SO, what have YOU been up to?
It is now spring here in the mid south- freeze your hiney mornings and sweat your brow days. Time for laundry double duty as layers are the name of the game. But the bees are out and the garden siren is humming her song to be planted.
Oh, lest I forget...I LOVED our lovely featured Etsy featured artist of the week!
Here is my favorite piece-
Its lovely. Its refreshing.
Here's a few more,

I didn't mean to, really, I just 'tumbled upon the cake dish, then found out SHE's THIS WEEK'S FEATURED ARTIST! With good reason too. Hop on over to her store if you haven't yet from the link above.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How to Make a Chocolate Portrait - wikiHow

How to Make a Chocolate Portrait - wikiHow

Whoa Here, NELLY!

This isn't craft related, exactly... well maybe I could fashion something for this laid back diva but she's really a down to earth kind of diva. Meet Nelly, our new addition to this farm of crafty critters. She is very smart!! She LOVES attention and has very few bad habits, probably the worst of which is to "brey" loudly when we leave her pasture! I'll have to look into recording that! More pics later!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bring me up to speed will ya???

I like cruising blogs, seeing what the world is up to and wondering did people just have all this bloggin' bottle up inside them before blogs were created? Did they lay it down in journals to keep to themselves? Or are they only now wishing they had learned to write instead of making Chinese tacks to put in your friends' seats for a lovely mid-9th grade English class gas? (Like me. I am so sorry, Ms. Ramirez.) Some of you folks are wildly funny, some of you are amazingly creative and some of you are just downright full of knowledge to share. I thank you.
I also apologize. I very rarely sign or comment on your blogs. I just lurk around like a fence lizard, darting in and out before anyone takes notice. I caught myself wishing I knew more about the folks reading my blog, not that there are mobs breaking down the monitors to get here but I LOVE it when someone leaves a comment! Yeah, OK, maybe a bit of a self esteem thing, I doubt it. I just like meeting folks. My son has an phrase for my tendency to enjoy meeting people, he and his dad think its darn funny, "My mother has a black belt in social arts." Yeah, whatever. I really don't. I don't host or entertain. Martha Stewart wouldn't be caught dead in my hodge podge styled house. BUT all this aside, I wonder if others like to get comments too? Sure they must, they aren't blogging in hopes of filling a black hole. So I am going to be doing that. Next time I stop by your blog and I enjoy it, or find something that makes me think, or helps me on a research quest- I am going to say so.
Feel free to take the same approach in your own blogventures.
That's all for now- I'm PlayVentura and I approve this message...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

What have I been up to today, I ask you...

I am officially addicted. Yah, I admit it- I even gave the kids chores so I could have the thing to myself...fridge magnets. I've been playing with the new magnets in my Etsy store . "Fridge Friends" I am calling them. They are a hoot and once you start, you just can't seem to stop! Today I worked up two frogs- Frankie and Lulu.
Frankie, we've determined is a bit of a an oddball but what a comic!
Lulu is a tad garish but so sweet to Frankie!

We've decided they need some other friends while they are waiting to go to their new homes, so we have invited elephants, giraffes, a monkey, spiders and a frippy flamingo!

They love to hang out on lockers holding pics of best friends and family. They are great at catching someone's attention with that special office or fridge memo. Favorite of favorites for them though are playing with their human friends!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

From Here to the Beginning

Another camera/software experiment. Grin and Bear it!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I just HAVE to tell ya'll! Aren't these THE Cutest!!?

OK, I have been a little slow (translate, A LOTTA SLOW) getting to my blog to post lately, but ya see, I've got this little babe now that I have to really fight my way through the familial queue to get to! No, really, if it weren't for the fact that I am now the official family cow (and I say this with udder respect) I would get no face time with the guy. The other four kiddos (and I quote the five year old here) HOG him all to themselves!

Now back to business, not mine this time mind you, but that of the new Etsy shop "piddies" who has the mostest cute slippers!! I haven't done enough to encourage with shout outs the talented owners of Etsian shops I've seen but when I saw these little goldies and all the amazing birdies-

- man, I knew where I was going to start!
Have you ever seen such cute packaging too??? The goldfish are on blue shredded cellophane looking like they are swimming in a fish bowl while the birds are on shredded green paper "grass." HOW SMART!
The shop owner has just jumped on board with us at Etsy and I wish her the best success, but I know she won't need my wishing, these little creatures sell themselves! !
Please visit the shop and see for yourself all the great new listings she has- no really, GO NOW!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Slow going in Babyland

Well, I am falling behind on the cleaning, whisking up three full meals a day and the lessons, don't get me started on the lessons. But I am getting quite adept at rocking while nursing and reading aloud, while crocheting, while watching movies we never had time for and while the kids work on their working with Daddy skills!

I've got a few new creations: some stockings for the baby and for L. She absolutely loved Z's so she requested her own and I had to make sure to put a cursive "L" on them like I put an "S" on mine.

Tonight's post is short, I've got several orders to create and then off to bed! Just had to get a few pics and words in. Hope you're all warm and snuggly!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's Show and Tell Trinket

Look what I got for early Christmas!
A tiny peanut (for me!) of 7lbs even and 19 inches long, Z is just amazing!
I went in for the C-Sect last Monday and can't tell you enough what a better experience it was this time over last.
We are SO happy to be home and starting our new life together! We truly feel grateful to so many for their prayers, best wishes, and support. The kids had an amazing time at the house of our dear friends. They even got to go to the zoo on A's birthday. How many people take on four energetic children, unrelated to them, for a week!??? Our dr was great once again, this being the third of our children he has delivered, as he handled a few difficult situations like it was just routine. The nurses were so compassionate, helpful and competent. Before we left I was whining and dreading the upcoming ordeal until a friend of mine gave me some attitude changing advice making me think of the babies these women were leaving with other people so they could attend to me and my needs. I thanked them every chance I got, even the one who was grumpy and tried to make me feel a bother because I was getting ready to upchuck on the floor! DH was the amazing caretaker he usually is. If I ever needed ANYTHING he was there despite having so little sleep and very little attention to his own needs. He managed to get a head cold thanks to having to sleep under a vent in the room blowing on him, but he still got up in the middle of the night to help me. I just can't stop counting my blessings.

Z is such a small little package!! Any doubts and worries I had before he was born of what I was going to do with another baby were answered the second I got to hold him- just hug him to pieces! I can't tell you how amazing it is for me. He makes such oddball faces and goes crossed eyed trying to look at me, like all babies would, but it just tickles me. The other kids are completely in love with him, that should last till he turns 2! We call him "Z" sometimes, "Z---" other times, but he's still occasionally "the baby."

We got home Friday afternoon. We were greeted at the door with boxes of fun and delicious birthday gifts for everyone (November is a big birthday month for us! Z, A, DH and A2!) and a dinner ready to heat up from the fridge! What a great surprise! The electricity, however, was wonky all over the house, blitzing on and off causing general havoc. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. DH checked the meter. It wasn't turning so he just tapped on it. It began turning again but became fire hot with the unmistakable stink of fried wires. The 110 began working in the house but the 220 was still out. We called the electric company who immediately sent out two men. They don't know what caused it to fry the wires but it had apparently been arcing for sometime. They replaced the meter and it seems all is well again. I am not sure if we were at risk of a fire but I just added it to my "Grateful For" list!

Ch and DH picked up Ranger, our big Shepherd, who escaped again while we were gone and hassled the neighbors. Two of our friends picked him up and took him to a local vet who kindly boarded him for 4 days. They cared for our other critters while we were gone also. I am so glad they love dogs enough to deal with our Ranger! The vet apparently hit it off with Ranger who liked the vet just as well. Let's hope he doesn't feel any more urges to seek escape before the electric radio fence arrives to wire the pasture and keep him in more securely!

I am getting around so well! I started back today with lessons and business stuff. Housekeeping is coming along and delegated to kids a bit for now. Well, alot for now. They have chores they are always responsible for so some of it is nothing new. A (DD1) is taking on the role of Mommy #2 so naturally that its scary. DD2 and DS2 are still young enough that its just a treat to hold the baby but they don't really feel responsible for helping with him on their own accord. DS1 is doing well enough for a 13 yob, he entertains him and carries him, but the diaper thing is usually passed on to DD1 or myself!

OK, lunch needs making..., just had to check in!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Child's Five Year Old Logic...

Here's a story that I should write down in my journal:

Thursday we had a friend and her daughter over for an early birthday lunch for my 10yodd. The mom and I were sitting on the
couch chatting while the kids were outside in the forts in the woods playing.
My 7yodd and 5yods came inside at one point, but DS hung back in the kitchen apparently crying. DD, heading in the direction of the bathroom, urged him to come follow her but he growled and said he wouldn't. I interrupted my friend and asked DD and DS if they were having a problem getting along.

DD said, "No, DS just cut his finger with the machete and I want to put a band-aid on it but he doesn't want to come through the house, because you'll see."

DS, having been ratted out, began crying more so.
I asked DS if the finger was bleeding, he said, "Yes, a little."

"Well then, you had better show me if we have blood."

"I didn't cut the whole thing off tho
ugh!" he grumbled.

At that, my friend and I almost fell off the couch laughing, but we held it together.
It was a small cut on the middle finger and yes, there was some blood.

Beckoning my best "mother knows best tone" I asked, "Did you learn anything?? What on earth were you doing with the machete?"

"I was trying to open my candy. I first tried the axe but then DD said that machete would be sharper."

Our axe is about as dull as a butter knife so DD was indeed correct, but we had a difficult time not laughing this time. DS was very put off by our tears and shivers as we tried to control the laughing.
I couldn't think of anything more to say, besides to leave the axe and machete alone and go get the band aid.

Now, to add to this series of child logic, Hubby and I were discussing things today on the same couch mentioned above. (I have two days left to before delivering #5, so I spend a bit mo
re time on the couch.)
DS flew into the house and asked me for some tape.

I asked, "What kind of tape?"

"I don't know. ANY tape, just some tape, NOW!"

"Well, what are you going to be taping?"

"I found my first iguana!! The kind that has this red throat that goes out and in and then the iguana changes colors!"

"What does that have to do with the tape?"

"Well, his tail fell off and I don't want him to die like the one at Aunt D's, so I want to tape his tail back on. He needs it."

I just can't get a break from wetting my pants laughing these days.
I gently told him he'd have to let the lizard go, and it wasn't an iguana. He needs to be out in the woods where God could heal him if he hasn't lost too much of his tail. Tape wouldn't b
e of any help. DS seemed to understand this much, but was just so upset at having to let it go and not know if it were going to die or not. He went back outside where we heard him crying the whole time he was trying to let it go.
My 10 yodd, with her big sister heart, came in and asked to borrow my camera so we could take photos of DS's lizard for him to remember him by. Of course I said, "Yes."

This'll hold me through my Monday ordeal...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Time for baby

I have some new hats but no model. We're waiting for him to arrive...
Nov. 5th we are scheduled to be at the hospital at the unearthly hour of 5:30a.m.!

I am ready to meet this little guy but of course I have my list of things to worry about while we are gone. Will the dog behave himself with the sitter, will he leave the cat alone? Will the fish tanks go back online if we have electrical outtages? Will the cat use the shelter we made for her (she's an outdoor kitty unfortunately)? Will I make it through one more C-Section?

I have two orders to get out by Monday and I have been given a possible serial set of orders if I can figure out how to get the customer's image onto her shirts. I love a challenge but its just not working how I'd like, her design has small details. She doesn't want embroidery which would be such a cinch for me digitize and stitch out, but I understand these are yoga shirts and you don't want ANYTHING rubbing, you want soft, pliable. Her design is fairly large too. Hmmm....

I have my last dr. appt on Halloween day which just is downright inconvenient. I'll have to bust my tail to get back here (2 hr drive) to help with costumes. I have no idea what the plan is for that day. I used to love the holiday, but for years I've dreaded it. So much work for so little time in costume.

On a happy note, I got my labels in this week from Custom Couture Label Co. at! She did such a great job! Thanks, Dianna! I am going to have some new ones done after the baby is born when I get my other label going, but that's a secret ;o) I have another business in the brainworks but we'll see how much time I have to devote to it. Can't think warm hats will sell that well in summer!

Well, it's light out now and I need to get the house going. There is lots on the agenda today- orders to mail, get a child ready to travel for an out of town tournament, prepare a dish for a company "picnic", go to University's Halloween physics demo...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Behind the times...

I am falling behind... as the due date comes in close (first week in Nov) I am slowing down...
Muses brought me two more kerchiefs,

a brown boho, a partially finished (ran out of yarn) cabin in the woodstock hat and today a Martian fairy needle felted fleece hat.
Overall, I am ready for cooler weather, ready for some "get up and go!"
Right now I've got to post and go, but will return.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I've Been Crafty Baby. I've Been a Craftin' Mama!

Joy to the World, All the Boys and Girls! Joy to the Fishes in
the Deep Blue SEAAAAAA.
Joy to YOU and ME!!!

Each night I stare at the yarns in all their glory staring back at me. Bouclés, Wools, Loopies, I don't know their names, I just know like to pet them and feel their textures, absorb their colors and dream the dreams they put into my head.
Yes, I am that bad about fabric too.
I've got some roving that I just can't decide what project is worthy of its use too!

I've stopped thinking in my box and have let myself figure it all out as I go. Lots of FROGGING, but I've been more pleased than ever with the end result. (Is that redundant? END RESULT??)
First we began with our local yarn shop going out of business. I am very disappointed but I did completely make a fool out of myself when she threw the 50% off closing party. If I had been able to drink, someone might have needed to drive me home!
One night, the TV wasn't keeping my attention over the screams from the skeins couped up in a bag under the bed. I had chosen a blue, orange and pink set of skeins that I thought were lovely together in the store, then I realized the orange was a different type, same brand. I had never seen its kind before; it was cotton, BUT STRETCHY!! NO lycra or nylon! Yipes, I had to do something! The puffy blue convinced me from its ball that it needed a tango with this stretchy fox. I began with a new method I got from my cheeky book, Happy Hooker, where you do a loop and then make your stitches on that loop rather than a chain. It allows one to suck up that annoying little hole that comes from chaining! SO COOL! Page 52, BTW. Eventually I came around to some ancient Asian looking hat with ear flaps. I actually chuckled out loud, saying, "I've found it! Eureka- Attila's lost baby hat! But secretly I loved it! Was going for a newborn size but I think it rather fits 3-6mths. I really like it and maybe if it doesn't sell, I'll keep it for my own newborn in a couple of months. That's right ya'll heard me, don't buy it! HAH!

After that glee flinging episode I decided to do something a bit more stable minded and ended up with what my son kindly refers to as the Sheep Herder hat. Creamy velour yarn mixed with a darn brown brushed mohair mix yarn. Its more subdued but still different. I love the popcorns with the brown waves! I love the contrast of the velour with the hairyness. (By the way, that hairy model in my Attila hat is indeed the mohair skein, just in case you were wondering.)

I then had a custom request for a hat to match a customer's ready made jacket. It was such a great jacket too! SO, I had to come up with something I felt matched it. For her style and the jacket's I decided a bohemian, pageboy style hair was in order. The jacket was brown knit with fuschia embroidery on back so I tried to mimic the style of embroidery and the result was really cute. I can't wait to see her in it!

The final "hat" turned out to not really be a hat at all! I had a rich, red yarn that I absolutely am smitten with. I hat made a GINORMOUS pompom with it a few weeks ago for another project but it just didn't jive. Anyway, this red skein fell off my bed and into the arms of a loopy autumn-like yarn that was being flirted with by a natural organic wool. I played with some afghan hooking on the red and it curled nicely but I had to put the others in and my brain was fire-ing off faster than that long hook could bust a move. Before the end of the evening I had the beginnings of what looked like a triangular "kerchief" my mother used to wear in cotton. What was I thinking??? BUT I didn't stop. The next day I trimmed it all out and thought will it be floppy in the back?? What will hold it down??? ELEPHANT POM to the rescue! Excellent! It really was the candle on the cake. I took a ton of strands of all three yarns and then made two braided ties on each corner. The whole thing is my absolute favorite, as well as my eldest DD's. She wants this one if it doesn't sell, so she says, "So, really DON'T buy it!" too. What are we to do with ourselves???