Friday, May 30, 2008

CONTEST! IndieHomeSchoolMoms Group Icon Image!

Whose Got THE LOOK for Indie Homeschool Moms on IndiePublic??

Its been awhile since we've been active, yeah, I know LIFE is busy. So I thought to spark a little activity I'd host a GiVe-AwAy contest for our IndiePublic group image!~
The winner will win one of my Fridge Friend Magnets of their choice (anyone else who feels so generous can donate to the cause too!) If you aren't familiar with these heart stealing critters, you can see them here: MY ETSY STORE!
It's not difficult, just submit your "G" rated images, photos, drawings whatever that you think best represents us as a group of indiecrafters. Submissions should be sent to: . I can then post them over here and we'll take a poll for the winner (Blogger has a polling widget, I haven't found one at IP yet.)
You'll have till Friday, June 6 midnite to submit. Once the submissions are all posted here, I'll run a poll for the week, we'll vote on the submissions then on Fri June 13, I'll announce the winner here, on IndiePublic and through our group messages.
Now put on those thinking caps and plug 'em in!!

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