Monday, September 1, 2008

Apologies to the Air and Something New is Coming

I am awfully sorry for the long interludes between posts, but I've gotten a bit spread thin these days. In an attempt to remedy this situation I am pulling all my blogs and articles that I contribute to other blogs into one spot but separate pages! Thanks to Miracle Worker Marr at 13 Pumpkins I should have a gob-smakkin' new WordPress (shhhh, don't tell Blogger, they just don't have the flexibility I'd like!) blog in the next week or so. I've got too many things juggling around up in the air right now and though I love all the cool stuff one can do creating a website/blog, I just admit, I don't have time for learning that right now. We've got a new year of schooling to start and since Spartacus is now officially 9th grade, we be homeschooling a high schooler! YIKES! So with four "at the table" and one somewhere under the laundry pile, I still have high hopes of keeping the stores up and getting opportunity to tickle your eyeballs once in awhile on the information highway. I hope to have a place for Homeschool, Garden, Spiritual Journey, and Barnyard Mucking Around to come together and maybe sing or dance or hey! give things away! Yes, there's plans up these sleeves, Ladies and Gents!
I'll send a great big invite to all those of you who just sit on the edge of your cliffs waiting for me to put word to blogspace! OK, so I'll be sending this out to like, my mom, my sister, maybe my aunts and cousins and a few best buds who WISH they'd never have sat next to me all those years ago at the Church "Get to Know Each Other" fellowship dinner.
So hang tight and I pinkie swear ya, I'll get back to you real soon.
Her long hairedness- Sonya


RebelAngel said...

I knew clicking over here every morning would eventually pay off. A new post from Sonya! Yay!

Don't knock those laundry piles, Deary. When I was breast feeding DD8 (that's the LITTLE one...8! Yikes!) I was getting very little sleep (yes, less than other parents with tinies about!) and one night, I guess at about 2am I fell asleep during a feeding and she rolled off the bed. No harm done though. She landed nice and soft on a pile of dirty laundry.

Talk to you later.

Sophia Cabria said...

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