Monday, September 3, 2007

Where'd the Funky Monkeys go?

We've been going a bit crazy around here: new fridge, no AC (STILL), and several hat orders.

Really, did you think these guys were fun or what? Well, truthfully, I was in love with mine. He spent many a sleepless night wrapped up next to my little neck. We shared a few bike rides with his tail knotted around my handlebars too.

A customer of mine decided, having been a sock monkey owner once herself, she should spread the love and asked for a blanket and bib set.

OK, so I should have used the same white fabric for the bib as I did the blanket but I just thought the fluffy fleece was SO comfy for a blanket and the chenille, so... washable for the drools.

I had fun with this set.
The weather is still amazingly hot, I am still pregnant and I am still wearing water balloons around the ankles to entertain my other children.
I am very disappointed I haven't received any snow balls in the over night delivery from any of you! LOL !


DreamWoven said...

i still have my sock monkey... that i bought as an 'antique' when my son was born (25 years ago).... there is nothin' like a sock monkey to make you smile :)

glad i found you... i will put you on my rss feed.

hmmm.. guess i should really update my blogger acct.

Sonya...after play said...

LOL, My mom gave mine away when I went off to college which horrified me until I found out it was a man with 3 kids whose wife had just up and left.
I hope it hugged one of their necks like it did mine.
Thanks for comment. Look forward to hearing from you whenever the mood
swings you! S