Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bring me up to speed will ya???

I like cruising blogs, seeing what the world is up to and wondering did people just have all this bloggin' bottle up inside them before blogs were created? Did they lay it down in journals to keep to themselves? Or are they only now wishing they had learned to write instead of making Chinese tacks to put in your friends' seats for a lovely mid-9th grade English class gas? (Like me. I am so sorry, Ms. Ramirez.) Some of you folks are wildly funny, some of you are amazingly creative and some of you are just downright full of knowledge to share. I thank you.
I also apologize. I very rarely sign or comment on your blogs. I just lurk around like a fence lizard, darting in and out before anyone takes notice. I caught myself wishing I knew more about the folks reading my blog, not that there are mobs breaking down the monitors to get here but I LOVE it when someone leaves a comment! Yeah, OK, maybe a bit of a self esteem thing, I doubt it. I just like meeting folks. My son has an phrase for my tendency to enjoy meeting people, he and his dad think its darn funny, "My mother has a black belt in social arts." Yeah, whatever. I really don't. I don't host or entertain. Martha Stewart wouldn't be caught dead in my hodge podge styled house. BUT all this aside, I wonder if others like to get comments too? Sure they must, they aren't blogging in hopes of filling a black hole. So I am going to be doing that. Next time I stop by your blog and I enjoy it, or find something that makes me think, or helps me on a research quest- I am going to say so.
Feel free to take the same approach in your own blogventures.
That's all for now- I'm PlayVentura and I approve this message...

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