Monday, March 31, 2008

Interludes are great, but...its finally warm again!

I know, it's been awhile. I am juggling priorities right now. The home school front has been in need of more direct attention lately and I've had a flush of local sewing jobs to boot. I've been well at the photography, just not enough time it seems to write some words to go with.
SO, what have YOU been up to?
It is now spring here in the mid south- freeze your hiney mornings and sweat your brow days. Time for laundry double duty as layers are the name of the game. But the bees are out and the garden siren is humming her song to be planted.
Oh, lest I forget...I LOVED our lovely featured Etsy featured artist of the week!
Here is my favorite piece-
Its lovely. Its refreshing.
Here's a few more,

I didn't mean to, really, I just 'tumbled upon the cake dish, then found out SHE's THIS WEEK'S FEATURED ARTIST! With good reason too. Hop on over to her store if you haven't yet from the link above.

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