Saturday, April 26, 2008

This Taggin' Business...

It appears I have been tagged and instructed by The McCain, his very self:
McCain's Corner.

I am to answer five questions passed down to him and thus further the cause by passing on my answers to a lucky lot.

What I was doing ten years ago:
Toting upon my hip a 6 month old, my first female child and quite the stout one at that!
Raising my first batch of chicks ordered through McMurray Hatchery.
Overhauling one of the first versions of my home educating approach by taking on The Well Trained Mind

Five things on my to do list today:
1) reapply ointment and poultice to my poor donk's rubbed raw legs
2) work on finishing the chicken runs and coop
3) figure out more dreamweaver tutorials for the sites and create the darn things
4) load guns to have at ready for next siege of marauding dogs
5) install Edu-Track software to help with upcoming transcripts and other rabbit warrens home schooling through high school will bring

Things I would do If I were a billionaire:
1)build a house to my husband's and my liking at our original farm
2)contact my husband's employment and tell them just how much I am going to enjoy having my husband home from now on while he manages all that money and piddles in the office/lab/herbarium I will build for him since they couldn't.
3)pay off my sister's mortgage
4)pay for a home health nurse 24/7 that can help my sister in law with my mother in law
5)buy some slightly newer cars for husband, self and son when he gets a license (newer being anything more recent than 1995)

Three of my bad habits:
4)Not spend enough time in God's word
5)Not checking the fluids in the vehicles anymore

Five Places I've lived:
1)in a silver trailer with my parents in Crystal River, FL
2)in a duplex with my parents in South Padre Island, TX
3)in a dorm in Austin, TX
4)in a faculty house, a regular house and now a farm house with my family near Oxford, MS

Five Jobs I've Had:
1)Selling tee shirts to tourists (blech)
2)Selling condos to tourists (blech blech)
3)Clerk in Snap Autoparts turning rotors (yeah, that's right...)
4)Research Assistant in cactus research and insecticidal plant research
5)Owner/Operator/Contributor of three endeavors: PlayVentura Creations, (under construction)
and blogging (Club de Español Nueva Asturias, The Brown Bull, PlayVentura Creations )

Five books I've recently read:
Oh, gee, does Internet research count??? Novels and I have a hard time meaning due to time constraints...
1)Pioneer and Photoshop
2)The PhotoShop CS book by Scott Kelby
3)My Cave Life in Vicksburg by A Lady
4)THE Declaration of Independence
5)THE Declaration of Independence

Five people I am going to tag:
Fingolfin's Herald
Green Bean Boutique
Carpe You Some Diem!
I don't know any others well enough to tag! How sad. Will have to get back and edit this.
Now I am off to figure out how to tag someone and get to that TO DO list. Been real. S.


MDMOM said...

The McCain got me too. You did an excellent job - very interesting.

Rebecca Burch said...

You got tagged by McCain! Hahahaa!

Okay, I'm game. woot!

RebelAngel said...

You could have tagged me. I feel so left out.

(if you don't already know what Fingolfin's Herald was doing 10 years ago then there is a problem...)

Kim WW
(I am going to pretend that you didn't tag me because I was busy moving)

Sonya...after play said...

Thank you, MDMOM! I love yours too!
Carpe- hope you get your blog set straight! Sorry it got rearranged!
RebelAngel-Argh! You WERE moving, RIGHT???
Yeah Fingo was diggin' around in the ground looking for cow killers!