Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's Show and Tell Trinket

Look what I got for early Christmas!
A tiny peanut (for me!) of 7lbs even and 19 inches long, Z is just amazing!
I went in for the C-Sect last Monday and can't tell you enough what a better experience it was this time over last.
We are SO happy to be home and starting our new life together! We truly feel grateful to so many for their prayers, best wishes, and support. The kids had an amazing time at the house of our dear friends. They even got to go to the zoo on A's birthday. How many people take on four energetic children, unrelated to them, for a week!??? Our dr was great once again, this being the third of our children he has delivered, as he handled a few difficult situations like it was just routine. The nurses were so compassionate, helpful and competent. Before we left I was whining and dreading the upcoming ordeal until a friend of mine gave me some attitude changing advice making me think of the babies these women were leaving with other people so they could attend to me and my needs. I thanked them every chance I got, even the one who was grumpy and tried to make me feel a bother because I was getting ready to upchuck on the floor! DH was the amazing caretaker he usually is. If I ever needed ANYTHING he was there despite having so little sleep and very little attention to his own needs. He managed to get a head cold thanks to having to sleep under a vent in the room blowing on him, but he still got up in the middle of the night to help me. I just can't stop counting my blessings.

Z is such a small little package!! Any doubts and worries I had before he was born of what I was going to do with another baby were answered the second I got to hold him- just hug him to pieces! I can't tell you how amazing it is for me. He makes such oddball faces and goes crossed eyed trying to look at me, like all babies would, but it just tickles me. The other kids are completely in love with him, that should last till he turns 2! We call him "Z" sometimes, "Z---" other times, but he's still occasionally "the baby."

We got home Friday afternoon. We were greeted at the door with boxes of fun and delicious birthday gifts for everyone (November is a big birthday month for us! Z, A, DH and A2!) and a dinner ready to heat up from the fridge! What a great surprise! The electricity, however, was wonky all over the house, blitzing on and off causing general havoc. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. DH checked the meter. It wasn't turning so he just tapped on it. It began turning again but became fire hot with the unmistakable stink of fried wires. The 110 began working in the house but the 220 was still out. We called the electric company who immediately sent out two men. They don't know what caused it to fry the wires but it had apparently been arcing for sometime. They replaced the meter and it seems all is well again. I am not sure if we were at risk of a fire but I just added it to my "Grateful For" list!

Ch and DH picked up Ranger, our big Shepherd, who escaped again while we were gone and hassled the neighbors. Two of our friends picked him up and took him to a local vet who kindly boarded him for 4 days. They cared for our other critters while we were gone also. I am so glad they love dogs enough to deal with our Ranger! The vet apparently hit it off with Ranger who liked the vet just as well. Let's hope he doesn't feel any more urges to seek escape before the electric radio fence arrives to wire the pasture and keep him in more securely!

I am getting around so well! I started back today with lessons and business stuff. Housekeeping is coming along and delegated to kids a bit for now. Well, alot for now. They have chores they are always responsible for so some of it is nothing new. A (DD1) is taking on the role of Mommy #2 so naturally that its scary. DD2 and DS2 are still young enough that its just a treat to hold the baby but they don't really feel responsible for helping with him on their own accord. DS1 is doing well enough for a 13 yob, he entertains him and carries him, but the diaper thing is usually passed on to DD1 or myself!

OK, lunch needs making..., just had to check in!

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cozycoleman said...

Congratulations He is tooo darling! Oooh he looks so teeny in that floppy hat!